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Our Headquater and Flagship Lounge : "Flugfeld" Area, Böblingen (Stuttgart), Germany.

Address : Konrad-Zuse-Straße 14, 71034 Böblingen.
We are open from Wednesday to Sunday,  12:00 – 21:00 

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The Virtual Racing Lounge …

The Virtual Racing Lounge offers an unprecendented sim-racing experience with more than 150 different laser-scanned race tracks and 140 street- and race cars.  The simulators are exclusively equipped with real-life motorsport parts (RECARO seats, Sparco wheels and Heusinkveld racing pedals). On top, we add OCULUS Rift virtual reality techonology and plantronics headsets for the perfect merge between driver, simulator and race.
Our new top model, the V1/3000, was presented to the public at TOP MARQUES 2018 in Monaco.
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Our event-service is available across europe

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No matter what you are planning and if you need one or more simulators, get in touch with us. We offer europe-wide professional rental services.